Our Performance

We are a group of consultants specialized in export, in the commodities area, possessing qualified suppliers. We would appreciate to accomplish partnerships of business with suitable and serious companies in this activity. We are pleased to provide potential buyers and commodity related professionals commodities which our sellers only trade on the international market.

Our export products are supplied from mills, refineries and other associated facilities.
We work directly with producers and also with a grain broker network that report closing prices at the end of the day.

For more details you must provide complete information of the company/buyers concerned. These simple data are required in an exclusive manner by the seller. L&S Trade is not willing to send information or negotiate with companies o buyers that do not show transparency.

Disposition of L&S Trade.

Minimum required data:

These data give us a vision of working with companies committed.

Would be a pleasure to work together.
Thank you.

JUAN P. RODRIGUEZ | jpr.neg@tradels.com