Scrap vessel

The scrapping or recycling of ships, the end of the operational life, is an activity of outstanding economic importance and environment.
When the owner sends us his ship for scrap, we give notice to all interested parties, with main characteristics of the ship, especially the deadweight capacity, location and availability.
As far as possible, we deal directly with the ship owners or ship managers who are directly in contact with our team members. This helps us to quote a competitive price to our buyers and sellers and also this avoids us to go into complications which can be created by other parties. Our team is prepared to take the delivery of the vessel from the current located ports, almost anywhere in the world, on one last voyage to demolition yards with handling all formalities and preparations of the demo vessels.

Our team members are used to work as:

- Captains
- Ship engineers & Chief engineers
- Ship Surveyors
- Ship Crews

Thus our company perfectly specializes in scanning, searching and creating sale and purchase of DEMOLITION ships with his professional team members. and also we appreciate your response to make offer for sale and purchase vessels.

For more details you must provide complete information of the company/buyers concerned. These simple data are required in an exclusive manner by the seller. L&S Trade is not willing to send information or negotiate with companies o buyers that do not show transparency.

Disposition of L&S Trade.

Minimum required data:

These data give us a vision of working with companies committed.

Would be a pleasure to work together.
Thank you.