Purchase / Sale of ships and floating structures

Today, with a network of owner, associates and international brokers, L&S Trade provides excellent service in the market for sale of ships.
We have a great list of vessels for sale and we can locate one according to your requirement.
Then we developed a list of types of ships and floating structures that we can offer for sale or charter:

Tankers Cargo Dredgers Tugs Fishing
Bulk Carriers Containers Reefers Barges Roro
Ferrys AHTS Oil Rigs FPSO Floating dock

For more details you must provide complete information of the company/buyers concerned. These simple data are required in an exclusive manner by the seller. L&S Trade is not willing to send information or negotiate with companies o buyers that do not show transparency.

Disposition of L&S Trade.

Minimum required data:

These data give us a vision of working with companies committed.

Would be a pleasure to work together.
Thank you.

JUAN P. RODRIGUEZ | jpr.neg@tradels.com